Favourites are beloved for a reason. Month after month, we notice all the courses that you can’t get enough of: always full and often with waiting lists  

Our students are also based across Melbourne, with courses In Box Hill, Lilydale, CAE City, Ola Cohn Centre and online, all represented. You also like to visit us at all times of the day. We see you on the weekends, weekdays and afterhours.  

Our top courses span the range of Art, Business, Health and Home. This showcases the diversity that CAE offers. There really is something for everyone.    

Have you ever attended one of our most popular classes, or are you interested in checking out what makes them so popular? Check out our top courses below.  

Our Top Short Courses in Melbourne

1. Floristry in a Day 

Learn flower-arranging using traditional techniques. This course will introduce you to flower identification, preparation and maintenance. Students will use a mixture of flowers and foliage widely available and used by floral designers. 


2. Picture Framing 

Students will learn how to custom frame a piece of artwork or photograph. Experienced picture framer Nic Burridge covers frame-making, mat cutting, glass-cutting demonstration and fitting ready to hang. 

CAE Short Course - Picture Framing

3. Sewing: Beginners 

This course is an introduction to the skills and techniques required to use a sewing machine and how to make your own clothes with ease. It covers machine set up and use, reading patterns, fabric suitability and finishing techniques. 

Hobby into Job_Sewing

4. Exercise For Wellbeing 

The course provides a thorough body workout, with gentle and safe stretching, plus strengthening and energising exercises. Work at your own level in a non-competitive and encouraging atmosphere in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where your sense of wellbeing is enhanced through enjoyable and stress releasing exercise. Increase your ease of movement in everyday activities as well as greater body awareness that contributes to your quality of life. 

Look After Yourself_Exercise

5. Ceramics: Introduction 

This is a great class for anyone keen to make a start with clay. We will cover simple and attainable techniques for making a varied range of functional and decorative pieces. You’ll work towards creating your very own one-of-a-kind-designs while learning how to confidently take your ideas from concept to final piece. 


6. Kitchen Boot Camp: Hands on Cooking Skills for Beginners 

Get up to speed with essential kitchen skills in this hands-on cooking class for beginners. Whether you want to build your confidence in the kitchen or expand your cooking repertoire, this class will help you master basic techniques for creating terrific pastas, casseroles, stir fries and curries at home. 

Cooking Class for Blokes_Melbourne CBD_CAE

7. Beginning Creative Writing 

A fun and informative creative writing course suited to people interested in writing but unsure how to get started. In a relaxed and encouraging environment, you’ll talk, workshop and complete exercises with like-minded people, gaining the confidence and ability to express yourself through words.  

Get Creative at Work_writing

8. Digital SLR Photography 

Learn to understand the features and creative possibilities of your Digital SLR (DSLR) camera under the guidance of an expert photographer. This photography course combines classroom based learning with practical shooting opportunities in one of Melbourne’s most iconic coffee precincts. 

SLR Camera Photography Classes | CAE Short Courses

9. Bookkeeping: Introduction 

This practical course will provide you with an insight into and appreciation of why bookkeeping is one of the cornerstones of running a good business. Learn how a business can organise its transactions using the double entry bookkeeping system, giving you the ability to produce financial reports which enables you to make accurate and timely financial decision 


10. Botanical Drawing in Colour 

Develop an understanding of how to approach still-lives and in particular botanical drawing. Learn the step by step process of drawing flowers from the initial block-in and gesture to the final level of finish using coloured pencils. In this class we will work from photographs and still lives. All exercises are designed to provide students with a hands-on understanding of the four elements that produce a strong drawing (edges, values, shapes and colours). 


11. Film Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro 

This course covers everything needed to get started with Adobe Premiere Pro. Topics include importing material, editing, trimming, adding titles, transitions and effects, mixing audio, managing projects and media, outputting digital media files for distribution to multiple platforms. With a ‘hands on’ approach, participants will work with several styles of footage. 

Pro editing intro

Top 5 Language Short Courses In Melbourne

Our Languages Centre of Excellence teaches languages from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. With a range of competency levels available from beginner to practically fluent, you can continue your language journey from the basics or jump in where is relevant for you. Some students even stay with their class groups from Elementary 1 to Proficient (where students discuss contemporary issues related to the native language speakers).  

Here are our most in demand 5 language programs for 2022: