Course Summary

We’ve extended our Arabic Elementary 1 classes to 22 hours. More time to learn and enjoy! 

Note: The course is delivered onsite at CAE. If at any stage this is not possible, the course will be delivered online. Recordings of online classes will be available to students.

This Arabic Elementary course is intended to help students master the Arabic alphabet quickly and to build up their vocabulary at the same time. A key objective of the program is to equip learners with basic skills in conversational, everyday language. Studying Arabic Elementary 1 will provide an opportunity to gain an insight into a rich culture. Whether you wish to establish business connections with Arabic-speaking countries, work in health or community centres that offer services to Arabic speakers, or plan to travel to countries where Arabic is spoken, Arabic Elementary 1 will set you on the path to acquiring a basic knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic as well as introduce you to the Egyptian and Levantine dialects. 

Course Content

This course will take you through the entire alphabet while covering general topics such as:

  • Greetings
  • Exchange of personal information
  • Talking about health and well-being
  • Engaging in general chit chat
  • Talking about family life
  • Work / study
  • Describing things, people, and places
  • Cultural expressions

Grammar is taught in the context of using the language for a specific purpose.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • introduce yourself and others and use basic expressions for meeting, greeting and saying goodbye;
  • use basic expressions to thank or apologise;
  • engage in simple conversations and exchange personal information about names, home, family, and work;
  • order foods and drinks in a restaurant;
  • develop an understanding and appreciation of the values of Arabic-speaking communities;
  • read and identify the main message in simple texts such as dialogues, signs, and ID cards;
  • Write short paragraph describing people, things or places


This course is for beginners. No prior knowledge of Arabic is required.

This Arabic course is also suited to those who speak some Arabic but have not had the opportunity to learn the written script. It caters to people who wish to communicate with friends and family members and those who enjoy the intellectual challenge of mastering a new language.

***Cancellations or postponements are notified 48 hours before class commencement. ***

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Material required

Brustad K., Al-Batal M. & Al-Tonsi A. (2010). Alif Baa: Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds (3rd ed.). Washington DC: Georgetown University Press. ISBN: 9781589016323  

Available from: INTERNATIONAL, 15 Station Street, Kew East Vic 3102 ph:9857 0030

Available with companion website access from Georgetown University Press. Companion website access can be purchased by itself.

***Cancellations or postponements are notified 48 hours before class commencement. Please consider this before purchasing class materials***

Course Sessions

Wednesday, 26th October - 8 classes

Session ID DLV72115C
26 Oct - 14 Dec 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$329 / $299 (conc)

Tuesday, 10th January - 10 classes

Session ID DLV72101C
10 Jan - 14 Mar 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$329 / $299 (conc)

Saturday, 28th January - 10 classes

Session ID DLV72102C
28 Jan - 1 Apr 10:00am - 11:30am
Location CBD
Session Fees
$329 / $299 (conc)
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