Course Summary

Learn how to quiet an over-active mind and discover how mindfulness meditation can help you fall asleep more easily, increase your concentration and reduce anxiety.

Become more aware of your body, breath, and posture. Begin to achieve greater mental calmness as well as a more positive attitude towards yourself and others.

Mindfulness techniques are used by students, corporate leaders, overworked parents and anyone seeking serenity, calm and enhanced performance.

Includes short talks, instruction, discussion, group meditation and practical advice.

Currently, we have no dates scheduled for this course. Please contact us via email to register your interest.

Mindfulness meditation techniques to help you:
– calm an over-active mind
– fall asleep more easily
– increase your concentration
– stay in the present
– reduce stress and anxiety
– be in tune with how your body speaks to you about emotions, stressors or intuition.

Dr Anthony Foster was a senior finance executive and worked in a variety of multicultural environments within Australia and overseas. Nearly 16 years ago he was diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety and stress and advised that he would never work again. This prompted him to find alternative ways in which he could recover his life. He explored Eastern and Western philosophies, studied mindfulness with a Zen Master and documented his road to recovery. In so doing he developed the Virtues Based Mindfulness Program leading to a Doctorate in Philosophy.

Today, Anthony works in the field of stress and anxiety reduction and can be found at a number of Hospitals and mental health bodies throughout Melbourne. For many years he has lectured in Melbourne and Malaysian Hospitals on the importance of self-care for doctors and nursing staff.

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