Board of Directors

The Box Hill Group (Box Hill Institute, Centre for Adult Education (CAE) and controlled entities) is governed by a Board comprised of representatives from government, industry and the community.

The Board’s role is to oversee and govern the Box Hill Institute Group, take all reasonable steps for the advancement of the objectives of the Institute and the CAE, and to ensure that the Group operates in accordance with its strategic plan and its statement of corporate intent.

All Board members are also members of the Board Remuneration Committee. The Chair and Board members who are Ministerial Nominees are also members of the Board Nominations Committee

Vivienne King
Mr Jack Diamond
Ms Helen Buckingham
Ms Amanda Brook
Jane Foley
Ms Tracey Cooper
Mr Phillip Davies
Ms Julie Eisenbise
Ms Claire Filson
Mr Allan Moore
Professor John Rosenberg
Dr Sam McCurdy


Vivienne King Chief Executive Officer/ Executive Director
Winnie Blackwell Executive Director, Campus Modernisation
To Be Determined General Counsel & Company Secretary
Laura Macpherson Chief of Staff
Stewart Humphreys-Grey Executive Director, Business Growth and Diversification
Dr Susan Maastricht Executive Director, Lakeside Campus
Jennifer Oliver Executive Director, Academic Affairs (VET and Higher Education)
Tim Hogan Chief Financial Officer
Jane Trewin Executive Director, Educational Delivery