Employees participate in professional development to expand on their skill set or learn new skills to become better workers. This can be done via on-the-job training and in other forms of learning too. But why is this important?

Take your future in your own hands and continue your professional development without relying on anyone else. Not only does professional development improve your confidence and credibility, it may even improve your value as an employee.

We have a few suggestions to get you motivated and inspired.

Time Management

Find that deadlines sneak up on you? Maybe it’s time to start the year fresh with tips on how to get better organised and prioritised so you can work more efficiently. Simple tips like freshening up your desk or filing system and making sure you’re working on all the right things at the right time can really help. Time management is key and that’s something that can be added to your tool belt as a useful skill.

Project Management

We all have some big projects that we need to complete. What about sharpening your project management skills by familiarising yourself with the current project management trends and common terms. Become better prepared for every situation and those little extra assignments that inevitably come your way during any project.

Public Speaking

What about public speaking? Delivering a presentation is always a bit daunting and producing your hard work for review can be nerve wracking. Conquer those nerves and impress your boss by taking some proactive steps in learning all the tips and tricks about delivering a presentation clearly and with confidence.

Build Up Your Confidence

Alternatively, take building your self-esteem, confidence and success to a new level. Measuring self-worth is a personal process and recognising the importance of this for your personal and professional development will boost your career and future opportunities.

Have a browse of our professional development courses or even suggest a few courses to your boss when you have your next chat about your development plan, such as Time Management: Get Organised for Peak Performance, Powerful Presentations, Project Management Fundamentals and Building Your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills.

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