As we return to our workplaces, schools and social circles, what better way to reconnect with your friends and colleagues than enrolling in a course with CAE.

In the heart of CBD Melbourne, CAE is an easy choice for your group. CAE offers diverse one day and multiple day programs, many available after hours and on weekends. And with small and intimate class sizes, your group can join an existing session or have one all to yourselves!

Read on for our suggestions to bring your friends back together again.




If you have a friend or colleague who is multilingual, you can strengthen your bond by learning their language or connecting over the experience of learning a new language.

CAE offers a range of languages from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Check out our range of Language courses.


Food and Beverage


Food is the ultimate way to bring people together. Whether you are a cooking novice and your friend is a wiz in the kitchen, you can both learn new culinary skills and have fun at the same time.

Cooking with Wholefoods

Experienced nutritionist Rita Varelas discusses the health benefits, easy preparation and taste delights of wholefoods designed to nourish your body and soul. These include superfood salmon salad; seed herb dip; pearl barley risotto; wholefood pancakes; lentil moussaka, and coconut and almond smoothie.

Spanish Tapas & Paella

Learn how to make Spain’s celebrated dish, paella! You’ll learn where to source the best Spanish ingredients to prepare and cook three delicious varieties – Paella de Marisco (seafood), Paella de Jerezana (chicken, chorizo, calamari and peas), and vegetarian paella. Chef Simone Mancin will guide you in this hands-on class. You’ll also prepare a variety of tapas dishes including sizzling garlic prawns, jamon croquettes, patatas bravas and more!




Make a masterpiece that can decorate your workspace or home walls for years to come.

Palette Knife Art

Enjoy the freedom of experimenting with paint through the unique technique of palette knifing. Australian artist, Donna Racovalis (DMR), shows you how to let go of the finer details of a brush and release yourself from the pressures of perfection. Students will develop the confidence to move freely with a palette knife and discover their own style of art. This class is suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Ceramics: Introduction

This is a great class for anyone wanting to make a start with clay. We cover simple techniques for making functional and decorative pieces. It’s also a great start to confidently learn how to create and apply your own style of decoration. All materials including glazes are included in the course fee.


Walking Tours


For something a little different, why not gather the team and get some fresh air and a change of scenery on a walking tour!

Carlton Historical Walking Tour

Surveyed and planned in 1852, Carlton was the favoured sites for Melbourne’s first University, Trades Hall Council, and Royal Exhibition Building. Carlton also has a rich history of Italian and Jewish communities who settled here and created many businesses. Indeed, it remains one of Melbourne’s most important Italian areas.

St Kilda Art Walking Tour

Take a close look at the life and times of some of the incredible artists of bohemian St Kilda. Join Isabel Simpson as she guides you on a walking tour incorporating murals, street art and many other treasures associated with the amazing artistic characters who made their mark in this colourful inner Melbourne suburb.


Business Development


Get your colleagues together to upskill on practical applications and increase your soft skills in the workplace.

Project Management Fundamentals

Project management isn’t just for construction engineers and military logistics experts anymore. Today, in addition to the regular duties of your job, you are often expected to take extra assignments and get additional work done, under budget and on time. This workshop will familiarize you with the most common terms and the most current thinking about projects.

Microsoft Word and Excel: Introduction

Improve your knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. Consolidate your knowledge of basic word processing and spreadsheet functions and develop skills and an understanding of advanced features.


Performing Arts


Does your team need a morale boost after lockdown? How about treating the blues by making each other laugh in a comedy course or coming together over the joy of music.

Introduction to Stand Up Comedy: Writing and Performing Your First Routine

Have you ever wanted to try stand-up comedy? What’s stopping you? We will take you through the steps of writing, developing and performing your own stand-up routine.

Ukulele for Beginners

Ukulele is a fun, portable, affordable and serious musical instrument. Learn techniques to start you playing quickly. These include basic fingering, chords, simple strum patterns and nifty tricks to make you sound like a seasoned expert. Traditional and contemporary songs are used to explore and develop these techniques.




We all know it’s hard to get the work/life/study balance right or perhaps all the stress of lockdown took its toll on you and your associates. With CAE’s fitness classes everyone can chill out, relax and invite the calm back into their everyday lives.

Yoga: Beginners & Continuing

Start the day well! Practise basic postures for fitness, stress relief and clarity of mind. Suitable for beginners and more experienced yoga enthusiasts, this course will enhance your understanding and appreciation of yoga. Casual classes are also available.

Tai Chi Yang: Beginners

Tai Chi is a system of exercise devoted to physical and mental wellbeing, with origins in Chinese martial arts. This course introduces you to many fundamental movements of Yang style Tai Chi, as well as the ancient Chinese exercises known as Ba Duan Jin. Take time to learn the slow gentle movements of Tai Chi and work towards harmony of mind and a supple body.


Book Groups

Have you ever considered a long running team building exercise or social gathering in the form of a book group? You can choose how often you meet and there is a large range of books to suit all tastes.

Check out what book groups is all about here or browse Dialogue our book catalogue here.


Check out the full offering of courses at CAE.