Practice postures for fitness, stress relief and clarity of mind with yoga. We run classes regularly during lunch time and after work hours to suit your schedule.

Yoga is an ancient Indian system of training the body and mind. Hatha yoga involves precise movements and postures called asanas which strengthen and relax muscles, improve posture, skin and muscle tone and help you look good and feel great! Join Elaine Haby on a enriching journey as you discover...

Tuesday, 28th January - 9 classes

Session ID DJC41401C
28 Jan - 24 Mar 10:30am - 11:30am
Location CAE
Session Fees
$209 / $199 (conc)
Elaine Haby

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Power Yoga is an intense workout consisting of a flowing and dynamic mix of postures that will make you sweat.  With a strong focus on...

Yoga: Beginners & Continuing (Early -Morning): Casual

Experienced Yoga tutor, Elaine Haby, demonstrates and encourages students to practice basic postures for fitness, stress relief and...