Course Summary

This workshop includes:
• Hand-outs with interview questions to ask family members.
• Hand-outs with prompts for writing a memoir.
• A demonstration of free apps to digitise documents and handwritten letters. (Including help for students to load onto smartphones and how to use the apps.)
• Ideas to co-opt multiple generations of the family to become involved.
• Graphs and instructions on three different ways to structure a memoir or family history.
• How to identify genealogy sites best suited to your specific research requirements.
• Different family tree options.
• Getting your book into the hands of an ideal audience: an overview of print-on-demand publishing.

The course will take place in a computer room, so our teacher can help you through the process of creating and uploading files, to enable you to create a print-on-demand copy of your book in class. If you have a completed manuscript, our teacher will show you how to format and upload to the internet. Or, if you’re at the beginning, she can show you various apps to digitise into a single file, and you can be ready for when the book is ready to upload.

Your guide is Beverley Eikli, a journalist and feature writer for newspapers and magazines in Adelaide, Sydney and Perth before she began to write fiction and non-fiction under three pen names. and

Course Sessions

Saturday, 20th July - 1 class

Session ID HABA4101C
20 Jul - 20 Jul 10:00am - 2:00pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$175 / $166 (conc)
Beverley Eikli
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