Course Summary

Whether you are starting a small business or acquiring one, it is a big decision and can often be daunting. Is it a viable business? How does one manage the costs and develop an effective marketing strategy? An unending list of questions that often leaves one even more confused on where and how to get started.

However, it needn’t be so.

Experienced small business operator and mentor, Keat Chiew will simplify and provide clarity on how to validate your business idea and if it can be a viable business. In this workshop, he will provide you with a roadmap and process that will help you discover the right path to take and develop confidence in your entrepreneurship endeavour.

Course Sessions

Saturday, 26th October - 1 class

Session ID SKZ57003C
26 Oct - 26 Oct 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$209 / $199 (conc)
Keat Chiew

Throughout the course you will learn:

  • Introduction including sources of business ideas, commercialising it, story of NIKE, aspirations and abilities.
  • Reason for pursuit including why are you doing it?, The authenticity factor.
  • What & Who – What is your product and who does it serve?
  • The 3 S Steps – situation analysis, develop your business structure/model, strategise – develop business & marketing plan.
  • Situation – identify product/service and intended target market, develop your SWOT analysis, evaluate your skill sets – finance, admin, technical and marketing/sales. Why competitor analysis is critical. Understanding compliance and PEST.
  • Structure – hone your value proposition and map to customer segment, determine the relationship and delivery, outline key activities and resource required for success, define who are the key stakeholders in the business, understand your expense and income stream line.
  • Strategise – What is your business vision? What drives it? What is the business objectives? strategy to drive meeting of goals, marketing plan supporting your business goals, understanding marketing mix. Why is brand management critical?
  • Finance – Establishing start-up costs, type of finance options, finance parameters to consider – cash flow, income protection.
  • Timeframe – Outline the timeline and milestones.
  • Go/No Go – Where to from here?
  • Conclusion – recap the points.

To provide students with a better understanding of the steps required when considering starting a small business.

Keat has over 20 years of business management experience, working for blue-chip multinationals as well as start-ups. Currently a business coach/mentor, Keat is passionate in helping start-ups succeed and small/medium businesses untangle business issues/challenges. To find out more about Keat's work, check out his website.

There is no prerequisite for enrolling in this course.

For those considering the starting of a small business.

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