Course Summary

We explore the search for national self-definition through literature and the arts in 1930’s, Australia. In doing so, we explore the conflicting visions of poets and painters who are struggling with the pressure of internationalism, an indigenous culture and a persistent colonial legacy.

Course Sessions

Thursday, 6th June - 3 classes

Session ID DNAE0301C
6 Jun - 20 Jun 11:30am - 1:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$149 / $142 (conc)
Richard Stone

The1930’s was a fascinating period of time for Australian’s searching for national self-definition; none more so than our artists and poets. In a few years we would be faced with the dark days of the Second World War – but what could be achieved in the twilight of peace?

Gain a better understanding of the life, times, work of key individuals and hopefully be inspired to further explore the subject, post-course.

There is no perquisite for enrolling in this course.

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