Course Summary

Turbocharge your Presentation Skills

One of the top requirements for professional advancement today is the ability to deliver a presentation in which one connects with the audience, communicates clearly, and demonstrates the ability to speak with confidence and power. 

Powerful Presentation Skills Course Contents

This presentations skills course is designed for participants of all levels interested in acquiring or improving their presentation skills and receiving feedback on their performance. The program will assist participants in improving their oral presentation skills, empowering them to speak more effectively when running staff meetings or presenting to internal or external clients.

Course outcomes

The participants will leave this program with a specific action plan along with an evaluation that will significantly improve their presentation skills and increase their value to their respective organisations.


Master speech apprehension.
Learn the secrets of highly successful speakers.
Speak before any group with passion, power, and confidence.
Become an expert in planning, preparing, and delivering a speech.
Use the voice effectively as an instrument of influence.
Achieve the desired results by engaging your audience’s attention.
Avoid the use of crutch words, such as “um” and “er”.

Feedback from former students:

  • Brilliant communication skills, and course content. Quality feedback and teaching skill. Andrew understands students well. Lisa
  • Very supportive coaching.  Always positive and encouraging. Great work! Simon
  • Great strategy for managing stress.Adele
  • Clear direction and excellent ideas. Interesting and engaging exercises. Very helpful. Mardi
  • Interactive style up and moving throughout. Meaghan
  • I really appreciated your willingness to address specific concerns/questions.” Stephanie

Delivered by:

As a professional speaker, corporate trainer and communication coach, Andrew Monaghan has an interactive and engaging style that makes learning easy. He is a specialist presentation and communication skills trainer.  Andrew has been teaching public speaking skills for over 10 years.  He has extensive real world experience in the workplace.

Andrew teaches effective techniques that help people get their message across when speaking in front of groups or in meetings.  He is focused on delivering quality outcomes for participants.To make it easier, he teaches effective ways to control presentation anxiety.  Andrew creates a relaxed environment in class to reduce stress levels.

Amongst many awards, Andrew has been Australian champion presenter with Toastmasters and a member of the National Speakers Association.

Course Sessions

Wednesday, 23rd October - 2 classes

Session ID SKT73203C
23 Oct - 30 Oct 9:30am - 4:30pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$399 / $379 (conc)
Andrew Monaghan
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