Course Summary

Whether it’s your choice to retire, or the decision has been made for you, some clever planning can ease the transition and add joy to this new phase of your life. Jacquie Wise shows you how to create your best years yet, and reinforces the philosophy that life gets better with age.

As a psychotherapist, Jacquie brings to the course an understanding of the emotional side of retiring, as well as practical ideas for enhancing all aspects of your life. Jacquie herself is 70 years old and still going strong!

Retirement can creep up on you. You need to start thinking about your plans well in advance of actual retirement.

Course Sessions

Sunday, 29th March - 1 class

Session ID DJY79801C
29 Mar - 29 Mar 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$189 / $180 (conc)



  • What does getting older mean to you?
  • What is your vision for retirement? What are your options?
  • Surf your horizons
  • Meet your needs in all the eight aspects of life
  • Who am I, if I’m not a parent/worker/spouse … ?
  • Live authentically—what does that mean and how can you be more authentic?
  • How to maintain a youthful attitude
  • Now is your chance to get more fun in your life
  • Find out where your own fulfillment comes from
  • Identify your true priorities; embrace the ‘new you’
  • Moving on from the past and letting go
  • Understand your partner better, and encourage them to understand you
  • Negotiate your needs with your partner and family
  • Planning what you want to do in your future
  • Get your affairs in order
  • What to be aware of when you consider Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advanced Care Plans
  • Make plans for a balance of life


Note: this course does not deal with any financial planning or advice


You will come away with a host of ideas to create a fulfilling future.

You will know how to brainstorm to facilitate difficult decisions.

You will be more prepared to negotiate your needs with significant others.

You will develop an action plan to suit your circumstances.

Jacquie Wise is a psychotherapist and life coach who has spent a lifetime providing assistance to clients and students across a range of Personal Development themes, focusing on positive personal effectiveness and professional development.

Think about your issues or questions in case you’d like to discuss them.

Please bring a notepad and pen.

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