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Do you have broken costume and fashion jewellery in need of repair, refurbishing, or total reworking? For the DIY minded, learn how to make Do It Yourself repairs in this fun hands-on class. We work together to fix or rework your old jewellery into something new. Keep your jewels out of landfill in our sustainability focused course.

In this class you will build skills and knowledge to make simple repairs, enabling you to on and fix your broken costume/fashion jewels. You will learn how to use jewellery tools and prefabricated attachments along with building your fine motor skills. You will also learn what processes might be needed to fix each unique item, what supplies you might need to buy to fix jewels and where suppliers are located.

Not all items will be able to be fixed but learning what is possible and what is not is part of this learning process. If an item cannot be fixed, then exploring options so that parts and elements can be re-used to turn into something new will be discussed and developed. Sharing knowhow and working together means this class is suitable for anyone wanting to be part of a sustainable society through learning about repair, refurbishment and re-use, so that a treasured jewel can be re-worn, loved and used for longer.

Students require good eyesight. For those who think their eyesight might not enable them to see small items in detail, it is recommended they bring a magnifying glass or a headband visor.

A limited range of simple clasps, cords, and jewellery attachments will be available for use. However, students are asked to bring two or three broken costume/fashion jewels or costume/fashion jewellery which they are not currently wearing and which they would like to re-work or re-use. This is not a class where precious or fine jewellery will be fixed or reworked. Students should bring a pen and paper and have suitable eyewear so they can see in detail.

Vicki Mason has been wearing jewellery since age two and making it since age 6 or 7. Born in New Zealand, she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies at the University of Otago and a Diploma in Craft Design from Otago Polytechnic School of Art (Jewellery) before working at Fluxus workshop/gallery with renowned Swiss goldsmith Kobi Bosshard and the FLUXUS team. She was awarded a Master of Philosophy degree (Research) in Gold and Silversmithing (ANU) in 2012. She runs production and exhibition practices and teaches. Vicki has been awarded many grants and awards including the prestigious Australia Council for the Arts Barcelona Studio residency in 2014. Her work is held in both public and private collections including the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Shanghai, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney and the Art Gallery of South Australia. She interviews for Art Jewellery Forum, the international online platform for contemporary Jewellery and is on the board of the World Crafts Council Australia.

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