Course Summary

Do you find the thought of entering a room full of happily chattering people daunting? Does the concept of ‘small talk’ leave your mind completely blank? Jacquie Wise has suffered debilitating shyness and shares with you a number of techniques she has developed and applied herself, with proven success.

Good conversation skills are an essential ingredient to improving friendships or intimate relationships, or even business connections.

Jacquie brings her expertise as a psychotherapist experienced in helping many people with their shyness and anxiety. She shows you how to be more confident and make more meaningful connections with others.

Conversation and Networking Skills

  • Is making good conversation really just a ‘gift’?
  • How to develop that so-called ‘gift’ of the gab
  • What exactly is the ideal conversation?
  • What makes a good conversationalist?
  • How we are taught to be shy
  • How to overcome shyness
  • Different ways to break the ice
  • Keeping the conversation moving
  • What’s a good question, what questions should you avoid?
  • Techniques for joining groups
  • How to make sure you’re included in group conversations
  • How to move from one group to another at a party or networking function
  • How to deal with bores and avoid being one yourself
  • Develop ways to make a story more captivating
  • How to build a network and avoid common off-putting mistakes
  • How to introduce yourself at business or social gatherings
  • Develop meaningful friendships
  • Deepen your intimate relationships
  • How to introduce interesting conversations with your family


  • The etiquette of introducing people to others
  • How to remember people’s names (and where you met them/details about them)
  • How to keep your foot out of your mouth
  • How to ask someone out
  • How to end a conversation and get away gracefully
  • Leaving the party—how not to offend


Course Sessions

Saturday, 26th October - 1 class

Session ID DNV83103C
26 Oct - 26 Oct 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$199 / $190 (conc)

Jacquie Wise is a psychotherapist and life coach who has spent a lifetime providing assistance to clients and students across a range of Personal Development themes, focusing on positive personal effectiveness and professional development.

Please bring along a pen and paper. 

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