Creative pursuits have many benefits, including improving your wellbeing, and you don’t need fancy materials to get started. Check out our tips for creative projects you can pursue to help your mindfulness.


Creativity for Mindfulness_artArt Projects

Don’t be afraid to get a bit messy with your art! If you can, find a spot outside, don some old clothes and connect with nature to create. Pull out some out paints and pencils or use the household materials around you. There are no rules – remember it’s all about creating and you are only limited by your imagination! If you like to work with your hands, why not be inspired by what’s around you?

Creativity for Mindfulness_writingWriting

Keeping a journal can be a great way to write every day. Recording your thoughts can be very therapeutic and can motivate you to work on longer projects. Whether you enjoy poetry, short stories or have a goal to write a novel or memoir – whatever works for you! Pick up your pen and start writing.

Creativity for Mindfulness_GardeningGardening

Being outside has been shown to have positive impacts on wellbeing. Why not take advantage of the autumn weather and spend time in your garden? If you’re not ready to start planting, you can plan for your spring garden. Or if you don’t have a garden at home, find some plants that grow well in pots or volunteer for a community garden near you.

Creativity for Mindfulness_bakingBaking

There’s something so mindful about baking, especially if you’re a very tactile person. The simple act of kneading dough can be very meditative. Studies have shown that baking can make us happier. Get creative with your breads, pastries and cakes. The best part is you can eat the delicious results of your labour!


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