The CAE work in conjunction with a number of different service providers to deliver courses.

Healthy Me is a social relationship program for people with disability that aims to build their skills, awareness and ability to manage in life so that they are better prepared for further group and vocational opportunities. This training program has been developed with Melba Support Services and is delivered in conjunction with a range of disability service providers.

Hospitality Hot Spot is a vocational preparation program for vulnerable cohorts who require support to develop necessary employability skills that will allow them to transition into accredited learning in hospitality or to access work. It incorporates barista, safe food handling and first aid training. Delivered in partnership with IDV Disability Services Provider and other community service providers.

Grow, Cook & Go! is a horticulture, cooking and life skills program that aims to develop life skills including planning, preparing and cooking simple, nutritious meals. It also enhances literacy, numeracy and personal management skills, providing pathways into further training and/or volunteering. Delivered in partnership with Launch Housing.

SPLICE is a full year visual arts course for young people aged 15-25 who have had a diagnosis of cancer. The course aims to prepare students for further studies in the visual arts industry and to integrate them into a creative and supportive environment to facilitate their recovery and resilience. Delivered in partnership with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Royal Children’s Hospital Education Institute and Redkite.