What does it mean to find your passion?

Lately, it seems that everyone is talking about their ‘passions’. Gone are the days when we could just like or enjoy certain activities – apparently now we have no purpose in life unless we have found our passion. But what if we haven’t found that one thing that lights our worlds on fire? Just because you haven’t found your passion yet doesn’t mean the end of the world – it just means you have a fun and interesting journey ahead of you, whether you find your passion or not.  

Why discovering your passion is important?

Although everyone is talking about it – finding your passion should be unique and personal to you.  

Finding your passion isn’t just about finding that ‘one thing’ to obsess over, keep you occupied or make a career of, finding your passion is about a journey of self-discovery and in the process connecting with others and the world around you.  

How to find your passion?

Step 1 – Don’t stress about it!

Your passion should be something fun that brings you joy – not something that causes frustration. There is also no timeline to discovering what is meaningful to you, just as there is no right or wrong way to engage with your passion – who says you can’t take up Graphic Design in your 70s?  

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Think outside the box – what does passion mean to you? Despite what you may think, passion, just like love, looks different for everyone.  

Step 2 – Explore explore explore

Open yourself up to all possibilities – speak to others about their passions, or find a thread among the books you read, music you listen to or TV shows and movies you watch. Is there a common theme emerging? Start paying attention to your reactions and emotions when doing certain activities. You never know what obscure (or popular) passion you may uncover, so keep your ears and hearts open. 

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Step 3 – Follow your heart, not your head

If you have that niggling feeling that there is something you want to pursue but your head keeps holding you back? You might talk yourself out of it because it seems too hard, silly or unachievable.  

Take actionable steps to listen to your heart and don’t let yourself start to over rationalise and talk yourself out of what ignites a flame of passion within you.   

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Step 4 – Gut instincts are always right

Similar to step 2 – once you try your passion your gut will tell you if it’s what you have been searching for.  

The old saying goes – ‘When you know, you know’, that is your gut telling you when something is the right fit for you.  

There is no harm in trying everything once, and once you know, you know – y’know? This is the feeling that will tell you you are on the right track. 


Step 5 – Don’t give up

You may have finally found that thing that feels like it could be ‘it’ but it’s still not quite the right fit – you may be at the precipice of finding your passion, or you could be passion ‘adjacent’. For example; you may try learning to play the guitar, but it’s actually the ukulele you have been looking for all along.   

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Or you may have finally found the one – but you have hit a stumbling block along the way. We know this can be disheartening – but don’t give up, your true passion is worth fighting for.  

The greatest painters, writers and entrepreneurs didn’t give up when the going got tough, they kept going as they knew great passions are worth the time and effort we invest in them.  

What to do when you’re struggling to find your passion?

Check out the range of short courses from CAE, we have something for everyone and you are sure to find your passion and discover more about yourself along the way.