From the darkest days of the Cold War to the music filled halls of Queen Victoria’s palace, CAE’s ever-changing range of History, the Arts and Culture talks and interactive short courses provide the perfect opportunity to get together with like-minded enthusiasts to examine, discuss and reflect on some of life’s most fascinating topics.

Please note: All courses without ‘online’ in the title refer to a face to face delivery.

Join Helen Brack and visit the NGV and Ian Potter collections. Building from Art, The Viewer, this course is a unique opportunity to think about what the viewed reflects and what human or other dimensions it embodies.

Saturday, 3rd September - 2 classes

Session ID DNV04103C
3 Sep - 10 Sep 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$159 / $151 (conc)
Helen Brack

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