If you’re looking to learn a new skill that blends technical with creative, then playing music might be your calling. At the CAE we offer a range of music courses for beginners in guitar, piano and keyboard, ukelele and understanding rhythm.

Here are 5 reasons why learning an instrument can benefit your life:

It improves your memory

Learning to play an instrument is a great way to stimulate your brain. When you learn a new instrument, you’re taking in a lot of new skills at once.

For instance, if you choose to play guitar, you’ll learn the names of different chords, how to best position your hands to strum and play those chords, and how to read (and even write your own) sheet music. On top of that, you’ll memorise how these things relate to one another.

Your brain muscles will thank you in the years to come. Research says that playing an instrument or singing can improve brain health in older age.

You’ll have a new creative outlet

Music is one of the purest forms of self-expression. There’s no one way to play an instrument, and people develop their own unique styles. A musical instrument offers a blank page – it’s up to you to fill in the notations however you like.

Playing music will lead you on a never-ending journey of discovery with almost limitless new songs, genres and techniques to explore.

Research has shown that people who engage in a creative outlet like playing music are more likely to avoid stress, free up mind space and build self-esteem.

It’s a great way to de-stress

Playing music is meditative. You can unwind after a long day, shut off from the world and pour your focus into your own practice.

Even better, when you learn to play and perform music with others, it can have a positive effect on your mood.

It’s good for your coordination

Playing music requires clever hand-eye coordination. It’s a great way to keep your motor skills sharp, as your brain needs to understand how the notes you see on a page translate into different hand movements. Learning different notes, chords, rhythms and patterns are great for your physical and mental dexterity too!

You’ll feel a sense of achievement

How nice would it feel to know that you can play a song, from start to finish? There’s something empowering about being able to pick up a guitar or sit at a piano and break into song.

It could make you a hit at dinner parties. It’s a way to serenade the ones you love. Or it can be a new shared interest with your friends or family so you can get that garage band off the ground!

Learning how to play your favourite songs can also help you recognise the work and achievements of your most loved artists and give you a deeper appreciation of their musicianship.


Explore your musical talents at the CAE. Whether you want to rock out on the guitar, play a ditty on the ukelele or channel your inner piano man, sign up now!