Get to know CAE languages teacher Tim Waugh!Tim

Tim has been teaching language programs at CAE since March 2018. Besides his native English, he is also proficient in French, Italian, Russian and German, and incredibly, Tim is currently learning his sixth language – Arabic!

Tim says his passion for languages is closely linked to his love of music. “I love the sound of languages. People’s voices are full of emotion and melody. Even accents can sound musical. Language, just like music fascinates me, just like I can appreciate different styles of music, I can value that same beauty in different languages,” he says.

In fact, Tim says he would love to be a musician but doesn’t have the talent for it. Luckily for us, he is so adept at languages instead.

While Tim finds that people’s motivations for studying languages can be very different, there is a commonality between students. “People have different reasons for studying. They may want to feel more connected to their favourite authors who publish in different languages or they might be marrying into a family with a different cultural background from them. Despite this, as the students learn and progress together, they develop a mutual love and understanding of their new language.”

Tim believes the benefits to learning a language are multifaceted; from opening the door to another culture and allowing the student to become accepting of differences and similarities in customs, to improved memory function and brain cognition, increased confidence and learning to express yourself more clearly in both English and the new language.

Taking a face-to-face or online class with a tutor can also be a much more rewarding experience than tackling language learning on your own as students not only learn vocabulary but also the grammar and syntax of a foreign language. Tim says he is impressed with the language learning apps that are available, but finds that human to human contact is required to learn a more conversational style. He also notes that students’ value a teacher who can clear any confusion or roadblocks that they may be experiencing.

“Most students’ main goal of learning a language is to be able to speak that language confidently in social situations. Having a teacher and fellow students to bounce off can make this process a lot easier,” Tim explains.

The learning environment at CAE is a hugely enjoyable experience for Tim. “I enjoy getting an insight into other people’s lives and why they are studying a language. Having a people centred job is an absolute privilege. I also find myself constantly learning as my students ask me for specific words and phrases that they want to know that might not be in my vocabulary yet. It becomes a mutual educational experience and keeps me on my toes.”

As for Tim, his learning will continue as he furthers his studies in Arabic and continues to teach at CAE. “I have discovered that teaching three languages may be my limit on being an effective tutor and I have learnt that sometimes depth of knowledge is better than breadth. Moving forward I would really like to focus on a holistic approach and educate myself more on the associated societies and cultures that are behind the languages I already know,” Tim says.

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