It’s a difficult time at the moment and we can all use some uplifting literature. These books have their sombre moments but will still leave you with a smile on your face.

Here are some of our favourite uplifting reads.

Saving MissySaving Missy – Beth Morrey

This novel definitely has its sad parts and it may make you laugh and cry as Morrey’s beautiful writing and complex protagonist makes it funny and deeply moving. Missy is lonely and her remaining family is lost or far away. When she encounters Sylvie, Angela and a dog named Bob, little does she know how much her life is about to change. Tender and uplifting, this is a new Book Groups favourite!


a month of sundaysA Month of Sundays – Liz Byrski [B2299]

A book about the joy of reading and bringing people together. Adele, Ros, Simone and Judy discuss books online and decide to meet in person for the first time. They each bring a book to Adele’s house in the Blue Mountains, and the books they choose to bring reveal much about themselves and their greatest fears. A love letter to book clubs, reading, and what our favourite books can uncover about ourselves.


Fall GirlFall Girl – Toni Jordan

Evolutionary biologist Eva Canfield is seeking funding to find an extinct animal in one of Australia’s most popular national parks. Daniel Metcalf is looking to donate money to unusual scientific research projects. But Ella Canfield doesn’t exist, and con artist Della Gilmore may have finally met her match. Jordan’s writing is light and witty, and you can’t help falling in love with her spunky protagonist even if she does slightly questionable things. A sparkling romantic read.


The Rosie ProjectThe Rosie Project – Graeme Simsion [B2182]

Simsion’s debut was a sensation and is now a trilogy. If you haven’t read the book that started it all, now’s the time to meet Don Tillman, professor of genetics. Don leads a very ordered life and has launched The Wife Project to find a suitable mate. When impulsive barmaid Rosie Jarman enters his life, his project takes a slight detour. A feel-good comic novel that celebrates difference, tolerance and the power of the unexpected.


Nothing to see hereNothing to See Here – Kevin Wilson

Children spontaneously combusting may not sound like a cheery read, but Wilson’s writing manages to be funny and poignant in this compelling novel. Lillian is helping out her old friend Madeline by caring for her stepchildren – twins who have this mysterious affliction. A moving portrayal of female friendship and quirky characters.


The Art of Racing in the RainThe Art of Racing in the Rain – Garth Stein

Recently made into a film, this unlikely book is about car racing seen through the eyes of a dog. It’s an often heart-wrenching story about family and life… told only as a canine companion could tell it. Enzo is a dog with the soul of a human. He accompanies his master, Denny and his family on their voyage through life, experiencing all their struggles with unwavering loyalty. This is another tearjerker but is filled with plenty of joy and compassion.


Major Pettigrew's Last StandMajor Pettigrew’s Last Stand – Helen Simonson [B2077]

An unconventional romantic comedy set in a small English village. Major Ernest Pettigrew is a widower and grieving for his brother. He opens the door to Mrs Ali, and a shared love of literature brings them together and to the attention of the town gossip. A heart-warming story told with insight, wit and dignity.



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