Have you got a hobby that you really enjoy doing and you’re good at? Why not turn this into your side job.

Check out our tips for hobbies you could turn into a profit.

1. The Write StuffHobby into Job_Drawing

Do you work well with words? Written communication is a transferable and essential skill, especially as many of us are working primarily in a digital environment. These skills are in demand for many industries who want to promote their products or services.

There are many different types of writing to go into, both print and online. Consider your strengths and whether you’re better at writing longer articles or punchy, engaging copy for social media. Whether you want to work freelance or for an organisation, you can write your way to success.

Hobby into Job_Photography2. Picture Perfect

There’s so many ways to take photos these days but great photography is always in high demand. If you enjoy being behind the camera and taking the perfect image, you can offer your skills to others. You can start by connecting with friends and family to offer your services at events, but make sure your skills are valued.

When in-person events become more common you can be engaged to take photos at weddings and other occasions.

3. Let it SewHobby into Job_Sewing

Sewing is a skill that’s much in demand, and it has many uses. Whether you’re a wiz with the sewing machine and can repair garments in an instant or like jazzing things up to sell online, you can put your skills to great use. You could make many household items, including cushion covers, handkerchiefs or items of clothing.

When craft markets are happening near you, check out stall options so you can sell your wares in person.

4. Pencil it inHobby into Job_Writing

Drawing is a great skill to have. Are you great at cartooning or do you specialise at drawing pets or people or caricatures? These will appeal to people as gifts. You can advertise on social media and draw to order for special occasions.

Create works of art that people would be happy to display at home. Or if you enjoy both writing and drawing, consider trying your hand at a picture book.

There are many considerations when turning a hobby into a job. Make sure you think about the time and resources you need before committing and seek advice as needed.

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