Course Summary

Hosted by travel photography guru Glenn Guy, this is a fun and informative introduction to taking great pictures while travelling. Provides a comprehensive overview of travel photography for those with a digital camera.

Course Sessions

Sunday, 4th December - 1 class

Session ID HDAD3507C
4 Dec - 4 Dec 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$165 / $157 (conc)
Glenn Guy

Discover how to approach and photograph people with confidence and how to make the most of light, colour and design opportunities to produce beautiful images.

  • Introduction to travel photography
  • Setting up the camera for best results
  • The colour of light and white balance
  • JPEG vs RAW
  • Matching focal length to subject
  • The right focal length for the right result
  • ISO and noise
  • Low light photography
  • Using your camera’s in-build flash
  • Portraits, architecture and landscape
  • Light: Quality and direction
  • Photographing strangers
  • Cultural sensitivities
  • Composition and image design

Students will gain a better understanding of the following topics:

  • Light: Quality, direction and colour
  • Photographing under low light and artificial lighting situations
  • Using your camera’s inbuilt flash
  • Lens: Focal length and characteristics
  • Composition and image design

Please bring along your camera and ensure that the batteries are fully charged and there’s plenty of room on your memory card.

This class is suitable for digital SLR, compact and mirrorless cameras.

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