Course Summary

Bring along your old linocut prints and printing blocks, and gain the confidence to transform your black and white prints into lively coloured images.

Whether you are inspired by the decorative prints of Margret Preston and William Morris or just want try something new, this course will introduce students to basic colour concepts, and simple watercolour paint or colour pencil handcolouring techniques that will enhance your original prints.

Currently, we have no dates scheduled for this course. Please contact us via email to register your interest.

Linocuts Handcolouring Course Overview

  • Introduction to basic colour concepts and terminology, including local colour, hue, tone, intensity, temperature, analogous and complementary colour harmonies.
  • Students practice mixing watercolour washes or blending colour pencil and colour harmonies on test sheets.
  • Students reprint a small edition of their existing linocut printing blocks in black ink.
  • Students handcolour a suite of their black and white linocut prints exploring different colour harmonies, effects using watercolour washes or colour pencils.

Dr Anne Bennett is an experienced visual artist, curator and educator. Anne, whose practice encompasses drawing, printmedia, painting, artists books, and curatorial projects, holds a PhD in Visual Art from Monash University and Master of Art Curatorship from the University of Melbourne.

She has held in excess of 15 solo exhibitions since 1986 including Tolarno Galleries, Pinacotheca, numerous institutional galleries around Australia and an exhibition of large scale monotypes at the Post Office Gallery at Federation University, Ballarat and a performative installation of drawings at The Front, Docklands. She has also participated in excess of 70 group exhibitions, including curated shows at National Gallery of Victoria and galleries in Korea, China, Lithuania and UK.

Essential: Please bring black and white prints that you have made previously and linocut printing blocks ready to reprint.

Also bring a range of watercolour paints and colour pencils.



Colour pencils – Prismacolor or Faber-Castell Polychromos are particularly good, but bring any that you have on hand.


Watercolour Paints

Do NOT buy cheap watercolour sets – the results will be disappointing! Artist quality are always the best. Good quality brands include Windsor & Newton, Schminke, Daniel Smith, Art Spectrum…


However, if concerned about cost, 8ml tubes – Art Prism Watercolours made by the Australian company, Art Spectrum, at only $5.85 per tube are good value. Can purchase online – see link below.


Primary colours required: Cadmium Yellow hue, Cadmium red hue, Cobalt Blue hue, Rose Madder hue


Optional: other suggested colours include Phthalo Blue, Hookers Green Permanent, Raw Sienna Hue (Light) OR Sepia. Please bring any colours you already have. 


Brushes – soft

  • Two-three round Watercolour synthetic Sizes #3, #6, #12 e.g. Roymac Achiever, Nam white Taklon, or Golden Taklon,
  • Plus any other soft brushes you have. White plastic palette with large, round, deep areas for paint, slanted areas and preferably with a lidLead pencil 2B and a kneaded eraserNotebook and pen     Any other paint colours etcTotal cost approx.  $110 – 150 depending on the quality you invest in and what you already own. Shop around. Online stores are often cheaper eg. Their Art Prism Watercolours are approx. $5.80 a tube compared to $8 a tube of similar quality elsewhere.  
  • Senior Art Supplies: 21 Degraves St., Melbourne, ph. 9639 6662 – 10% discount with class receipt. Make sure to get there no later than 5:30pm
  • Also compare prices here
  • Folder and/or heavy cardboard to transport prints
  • Pencil sharpener or blade  
  • Two large plastic water containers      
  • Soft rags        
  • Miscellaneous

Suitable for students who have completed Linocut for Beginners, Linocut: Margret Preston or anyone who has previously made black and white prints and want to explore hand colouring principles and techniques.

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