Course Summary

A critical discussion of some key ideas from five classic texts:

  • Plato’s Republic
  • Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics
  • Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil
  • Sartre’s Existentialism is a Humanism
  • Iris Murdoch’s The Sovereignty of Good

Notes will be provided.

Delivered by: Dr Douglas Adeney

Doug lectured in philosophy for many years at Melbourne State College and then the University of Melbourne. Since 2011 he has greatly enjoyed teaching numerous CAE philosophy courses. A non-academic friend of his was once asked by his wife what Doug did for a living. On hearing that he was a philosopher, she said ‘Oooh, he must be very intelligent … Or is he just weird?’ Come and decide for yourself.

Course Sessions

Tuesday, 21st May - 5 classes

Session ID DNAY6301C
21 May - 18 Jun 10:30am - 12:30pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$340 / $323 (conc)
Douglas Adeney
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