Course Summary

Learn to understand the features and creative possibilities of your Digital SLR (DSLR) camera under the guidance of an expert photographer. This photography course combines classroom-based learning with practical shooting opportunities.

A course perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

During the course you will cover the following, and more:

  • An overview of your camera’s features and settings
  • Setting up the camera for general use
  • Camera handling
  • Advanced focussing techniques
  • The exposure triangle and its creative applications
  • Lens choice and lens compression
  • Importing to Adobe Lightroom
  • The Library module
  • Utilising your metadata
  • The Develop module
  • Image processing basics

Currently, we have no dates scheduled for this course. Please contact us via email to register your interest.

By the end of the course you will be able to:
  • Customise your camera’s settings
  • Operate the camera in various modes (aperture, shutter speed or manual)
  • Capture images that have impact and are well exposed
  • Control depth of field (sharpness over a range of distance)
  • Control shutter speed to freeze or blur motion
  • Import and catalogue images into Adobe Lightroom
  • Perform basic image processing

About Photographer George Poulakis

Georege Poulakis is a multi-award-winning visual artist whose photographs and short films have been exhibited nationally. His extensive commercial photography experience complements his art practice, allowing him to approach his work with technique and creativity.




Bring your camera, ensuring its battery is fully charged and there’s plenty of room on the memory card (ideally empty).

It’s also a good idea to bring along any relevant charge/computer cables that came with the camera, including the manual (just in case!)

You will also require a subscription to Adobe Lightroom.

If you wish to take notes, bring a pen and paper although class notes are also provided.



Given the course is very hands by nature, you will need to have your own camera (or borrow one from a friend or family member if you were planning on buying one in the future).


The course is perfect for beginners wishing to learn the fundamentals of DSLR photography, and Lightroom cataloguing and processing basics, or enthusiasts wishing to brush up on their skills. You may have upgraded from a compact camera to DSLR and are still using it as a point and shoot, or have upgraded from a film-based SLR. Many people purchase DSLRs and never use even half their functionality – often ending up in this course!

No prior photographic experience is necessary.



This course is also perfect for mirrorless and micro four thirds cameras, both of which have the same functionality as DSLRs but are much smaller in design.

*** If you are unsure if your camera is suitable, please call customer service on 9652 0611

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