Course Summary

All levels of experience are welcome to join this Open level course with our resident fitness instructor. In this course, basic techniques will be revised and optional layers of exercise will be added to keep both mind and body challenged. The focus is on improving strength, balance and the safe execution of exercises.

Students work with the appropriate size dumbells and resistance bands for their bodies and all exercises can be modified to suit individual needs.


Course Sessions

Friday, 15th July - 8 classes

Session ID DJAT7303C
15 Jul - 16 Sep 11:30am - 12:30pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$199 / $189 (conc)
Liz Ede

Liz Ede trained in dance at the Scottish Ballet School and Theatre School of Dance and Drama in Edinburgh but decided to spread her wings and travel to Germany, where she worked as an au pair while studying at the Berlin Opera Ballet School. While on a visit to relatives in Australia she fell in love with the country and decided to make it her home.

In 1990 she returned to study fitness at Victoria University, specialising in older adults. Since then, Liz has been a regular tutor at CAE, as well as at various private and community classes in Melbourne such as Downtown Theatre Co., Studio 56, Hawthorn Community Mental Health Clinic, and Harold Holt Swim Centre. At the CAE, Liz has developed courses specifically for older adults utilising other disciplines (such as Yoga, Tai-Chi and Pilates) as well as bringing in ideas and knowledge from her dancing background.

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