Course Summary

Every good story begins somewhere.

A fun and informative creative writing course suited to people interested in writing but are unsure how to get started. In a relaxed and encouraging environment, you’ll talk, workshop and complete exercises with like-minded people, gaining the confidence and ability to express yourself through words. This course has a focus on generic writing skills without focusing on any one particular genre. Those skills can then be applied to a range of styles, from poetry and short stories to personal narratives, while having lots of fun along the way.

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Beginning Creative Writing Course Content:

  • Finding Inspiration
  • Character voice, creation and development
  • Settings, description, atmosphere and mood.
  • Plotting and structure.
  • Dialogue, point of view
  • Rewriting and editing
  • Recognizing and avoiding clichés
  • Showing not telling

Each class includes work-shopping, exercises and homework, aimed at developing each student’s individual writing style.

What to bring:

Please bring a pen and paper to each session.

Who is this course for?

Anyone with an interest in creative writing – particularly those unsure about adhering to a certain style or genre. Perfect for beginners.

Course Sessions

Saturday, 1st December - 3 classes

Session ID HAG59013C
1 Dec - 15 Dec 10:00am - 2:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$320 / $304 (conc)
Megan Waters

Wednesday, 16th January - 6 classes

Session ID HAG59001C
16 Jan - 20 Feb 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$320 / $304 (conc)
Megan Waters
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