Course Summary

Here is an opportunity to virtually, or in person, take a trip down the Nile to discover the tombs, temples and treasures of ancient Egypt and to meet the modern Egyptians who are the guardians of this rich heritage.  Tourism in Egypt is booming, with visitors coming from all over the world and Egypt is waiting for you.  

This course will immerse you in the history, the Gods, Goddesses, the Pharaonic Superstars, the ‘Big Builds’ and how the ordinary people lived amongst the glitter of gold.  

Leading Forensic Egyptologist, Dr Janet Davey of Monash University, ponders and discusses these themes. 

With this forthcoming Egyptology exhibition coming to the National Gallery of Victoria in June, what better time than to learn about the mysteries of Ancient Egypt?

For other information on Dr Davey’s forensic work, take a look at this article about a recent discovery in New South Wales. 

Also, Janet is featured in epsiode 2 of the recent ABC documentary series Stuff the British Stole, viewable on ABC iView

Course Sessions

Thursday, 10th October - 4 classes

Session ID DNBA5501C
10 Oct - 31 Oct 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location CBD
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$299 / $284 (conc)
Janet Davey
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