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Jump in the deep end: this is an intensive, practical week to lift your folio above the crowd. Challenging shoots and the CAE’s excellent resources will allow you to build or extend your folio, for further study, your personal pleasure or for a business idea. Every day begins with a supervised shoot assignment, including tuition in camera skills, shooting techniques, and studio skills; continue with sessions on Photoshop and printing, independent consultation and planning of folio, photography as a business, online presence, and more. Begin from where you are now: this course will open doors for you.

Class details

Currently there are no classes scheduled for this course.
Please contact us on 9652 0611.


Each of the 5 days includes sessions on:
• Camera skills, addressed through practical tasks in a variety of situations.
• Studio lighting experience.
• Mastery of Photoshop through assignments and tasks.
• Fine printing of prepared imagery.
• Folio development both online and on paper.
• Analysis of imagery from various sources.


The primary outcomes are:
• Enhanced skills in a range of photographic techniques.
• Development of a personal photographic folio.
• The ability to continue learning independently.


No particular camera skills are necessary: we start from the beginning. No experience with Photoshop or the camera is necessary, but basic skills on the computer will be very useful. If unsure of your basic skills, please enquire with the tutor for resources and assistance. The course is suitable for both PC and mac users, though it is run on macs.

What you should bring

Students need to bring their own digital SLR camera, pen, notebook, USB memory, and if possible, a card reader and a tripod. (Some card readers and tripods are available, as is other Canon and Nikon equipment.)