At CAE we help students achieve language competence.
Our teachers inspire people to learn, think & communicate successfully in another language.

Do you travel for business, or deploy staff to other countries? Are overseas customers or suppliers important to your business? Perhaps you are an organisation that works with different cultural groups here in Australia?

Take advantage of CAE’s cultural awareness workshops to gain the skills and understanding you need to work positively across cultures.

We know that your requirements are unique, so we can customise the workshop outcomes to suit your needs. Perhaps it’s providing your team with a basic cultural understanding to work with clients or suppliers, preparing staff for deployment overseas, learning how to work with a multicultural team or preparing for international business travel. CAE has the expert trainers for you!

Cultural Awareness training is available for the following countries:

  • China and Taiwan
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Korea
  • Mexico

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Facilitate communication and develop strong relationships

Understand business and social etiquette and protocols

Gain insights into culture, values, customs and behaviour

Avoid common pitfalls and misunderstandings

Learn some key phrases and appropriate body language