Want to study your VCE but need some help getting ready? This 15 Week Program is the answer.

Check out our Pre-VCE subjects:

Pre-VCE Ready to Learn – Core Unit

This course prepares you for VCE study by helping you to:
• develop learning strategies
• plan pathways
• develop research and study skills
• improve use of technology
• develop resilience.

VCE Foundation English (Unit 2) – Core Unit

The Foundation English course is designed to prepare you for VCE English. It will benefit students who need additional time and assistance to strengthen and refine their literacy skills to pathway into VCE English Units 1 & 2.

VCE Foundation Mathematics (Unit 2) – Elective Unit

Foundation Mathematics provides for the continuing mathematical development of students entering VCE, who need mathematical skills to prepare for VCE Maths (General Maths Units 1 & 2).

Pre-VCE Preparation For Science – Elective Unit

Preparation for Science prepares students for the VCE Sciences: Chemistry, Biology and Physics. These sciences are introduced in an integrated way using a number of themed units. Units of study include water, gases and ‘small things’ (cells and atoms). The emphasis is on development of the skills and background knowledge needed for successful entry to the VCE Sciences.

Course Dates:

Tuesday 18th July – 9th November 2017 (Semester 2). Check out the timetable and fees.


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