Winter is now upon us, and it’s the perfect time to break out the sewing machine to refresh your wardrobe and home. Here are some ideas to get creative and cosy this winter.

Winter woollies

woman in winter jacket

Keep warm in style this winter with your own winter woollies. Pick your colours to match your favourite outfits – whether you choose the colours of your football team or bright colours to get you through to spring. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out Pantone’s colours of the season. Why not create a matching scarf, beanie and gloves for yourself, your family or even to sell at winter markets.

Create a winter wardrobe


A dress to impress this winter, a jumper, or snazzy socks – add your own personal style to your winter wardrobe. Whether you want to liven up your existing clothes or create something from scratch, you can start by learning basic pattern making techniques and stand out in a crowd.

Personalise your quilt

If you’re looking for a slightly longer-term project, why not design and create your own patchwork quilt? Personalise with squares inspired by your hobbies, pets or hobbies. For inspiration, look at items that are important to you and sew away! Once it’s finished, it will be a wonderful personal keepsake as well as help to keep you warm.

Decorate your home


When it gets colder you’ll be spending more time indoors, so why not decorate your home to match the season? Make your home feel snug with cushions and decorative rugs can help make your home feel snug, add colour to rooms with decorative wall hangings or create unique shapes such as animal sculptures. Start with simple designs and weave with colourful fibre and wool to liven up your home.

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