We all love our old favourites – that snuggly jumper, the classic album you still listen to on repeat and the courses that are a mainstay on our CAE schedule year after year.

But sometimes you need something a bit fresher, shinier and different to make life interesting. Well, we have just the thing for you – check out what’s new at CAE.


Chinese Calligraphy


Through the practice of Tao Calligraphy, students work towards an alignment of soul, mind and body, while experiencing improved levels of stamina, vitality and immunity against emotional challenges.


Sketching Out & About


It is amazing how much more you notice when you draw your environment using a sketchbook! Explore Melbourne while learning the basic skills needed to make descriptive drawings. Explore ways to bring your line drawings to life by applying the basics of perspective, create tonal areas, plus quick impressions of people in the environment. Throughout the session there will be many demonstrations. Open to sketching enthusiasts of all levels of artistic ability.


Watercolours: Intro (Online)


This course is designed as an introduction to painting with watercolour.  Students will develop confidence in mixing colour and basic watercolour painting techniques including laying washes, colour glazing and lifting out.  Enjoy painting in the comfort of your own home as you explore this expressive and interesting painting medium.




Geliprinting is the art of printing with gelatin print plates. Explore this playful and spontaneous art with contemporary artist Anne Thoday. Your finished prints can be made into artist books, cards or framed as an artwork.  In this class we will experiment with found objects and stencils. The handout materials will contain instructions to continue this practice at home.


Vintage-Retro Dressmaking


Bring your pattern, fabric and trims and be guided through constructing and fitting your own vintage-retro dress. Learn industry techniques to achieve a professional finish for this timeless classic.


Cake Decoration with Fresh Flowers


Learn how to decorate that special occasion cake using beautifully arranged fresh flowers.


Easy Party Food

Get the party started with a sensational spread that your friends and family will love.

Learn how to prepare crowd-thrilling favourites including the ultimate grazing platter, mini brioche burgers, puff pastry pizzette and a whole heap more!


Silversmithing: Beginners – Bowl Making

Silversmithing bowl

An introduction to the traditional hammering techniques of silversmithing to create a small copper bowl.


The Sleep of Reason – The Extraordinary World of Francisco Goya

An introduction to the life, work and achievement of the controversial Spanish artist whose honest, insightful response to the customs, ideas and events of his age was unparalleled.


Germany Between the Wars – From Weimar to Wehrmacht

We explore the extraordinary life and times of the German people from 1918 to the outbreak of war in 1939. Political events, the persuasive methods of charismatic leaders and cultural highs and lows are all considered as we journey through the difficult, but productive Weimar years and the dark decade that witnessed Hitler’s rise to power and preparations for war.