For Valentine’s Day, we want to celebrate our greatest love: Melbourne. Melbourne is not only CAE’s true love―we are located in the heart of the Arts district―but Melbourne is also one of the most beloved cities in the world. Recent surveys show that Melbourne is not only the world’s most liveable city, but its citizens are also the happiest (you can share this with your Sydney-sider friends).

There’s always a lot to celebrate in Melbourne and here are our top reasons why we’re celebrating Melbourne as our true love.


Laneways and Arcades

From our very own coffee-slinging laneway Degraves Street, to the classic storefronts in Milan-inspired The Block Arcade on Collins Street and the street art of Hosier Lane, each of Melbourne’s various laneways and arcades have a personality of their own. The history of Melbourne’s laneways came about in the Victorian Era when they were used as a service laneway for horses and carts. The laneways have since evolved into retail districts and thoroughfares that attract interest from locals and tourists alike. Touring through the various laneways and arcades gives us a glimpse of the diversity that we love about Melbourne, the mish-mash of art, gastronomy and retail makes us feel like wonder-struck tourists in our own city.


Cultural Diversity

Melbourne is one of the most culturally rich and diverse cities, with people from over 140 represented cultures calling Melbourne home.  The settlement of various ethnic groups in Melbourne can be seen in the Melbourne CBD, from the Chinatown gate and lion statues on Little Bourke Street, to the array of Greek cuisine on Lonsdale Street, and when venturing into Melbourne’s various suburbs and their associated nationalities.


Culinary experience

Whether it’s eating the world’s best pizza on Lygon Street, having a quick lunch of Yum Cha or devouring a bowl of authentic pho, Melbourne’s multicultural population is represented in the array of cuisines all around the CBD. Melbourne is not just known for its range of cuisines, but also for its coffee. Melbourne is every coffee-lover’s paradise, from a selection of fair trade, single origin coffee roasts to unique house blends from award-winning baristas, the only problem with Melbourne’s culinary experience is that we’re spoiled for choice.


The Arts capital

The various galleries and street art across Melbourne’s CBD reflects its status as an arts capital of Australia. Melbourne is constantly showcasing its artistic diversity with a range of festivals, live performances and events – from White Night to the Melbourne Writers’ Festival. Our own National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) is the most visited gallery in Australia, and our local street art is a photographer’s delight. Melbourne’s love for the arts can be seen in the iconic theatres such as Princess Theatre, Regent Theatre and the Athenaeum Theatre that have earned the right to be named historic landmarks. When it comes to creativity, Melbourne is hard to beat.


Melbourne may be ranked in 4th place for the world’s most exciting cities, but for us Melbourne is and will always be, our number one.