As we all welcome the news that overseas travel is back in November – with further opportunities to jet overseas available to Australians in 2022 – now is the time to start planning your next adventure.  

Naturally, you will be mentally considering and preparing what your destination, accommodation and itinerary might be, as well as deciding what perfect holiday attire you will be packing! But, have you thought about how to get the most out of your holiday experience – immersing yourself fully in the culture, getting around with greater ease and chatting with the locals? That’s where a CAE language course comes in.  

CAE doesn’t just offer the basics in languages – you can also take a course in languages, culture, and food and hone your skills before you leave with a course in languages for travellers. Or why not check out our photography for traveller’s course 

View our diverse range of programs for travellers below.  

Italian Language & Culture 

In this course, you will explore Italian life and culture through lectures, and audiovisual and textual activities that will help you identify the essential aspects of Italy and its people including the visual arts, historical characters, lifestyle and design.

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Last Minute Language for Travellers (Spanish) 

Last Minute Language for Travellers: Spanish is designed to facilitate your learning of essential and specific interactions with native speakers during your travelling. 

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Travel Photography 

Hosted by travel photography guru Glenn Guy, this is a fun and informative introduction to taking great pictures while travelling. Provides a comprehensive overview of travel photography for those with a digital camera. 

Travel photography

French for Travellers 

The French for Travellers program is delivered as a 12-hour course. It is designed to facilitate travellers’ interaction with native speakers and to support their needs while travelling in France. 

The course is very hands-on and conversation-based. Opportunities are constantly created for travellers to practice potential interactions with locals when they reach their destination. CAE Travellers Courses are conducted in a friendly and encouraging manner and will provide you with the language skills to further appreciate and enjoy your destination.  

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FREE Languages Skills Assessment 

If you have had a break from learning a language and are thinking about restarting, the first thing to do is to get your language skills assessed by one of our expert tutors. 

As we offer courses that range from beginner to expert, and everything in between, getting a language assessment ensures you are placed in the right class. 

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