Life gets so busy that it is easy to forget to stop and take a moment. Have you ever had a desire to try something new?

It’s time to get lost in the flow of doing things that you want to do and to use sparks of inspiration to embrace the moment.

1. “I want to learn how to draw.”

Introduction to Drawing_CAE Short Courses_Melbourne CBDDrawing is one of the oldest forms of human expression. It’s all about learning where to start, exploring the tones, shading and the basic principles of drawing. Whether it’s quick sketch or extended drawing, this visual art can be done with a variety of different instruments including pencils, pens, ink, charcoal, pastels and more. Your mind will calm with the repeated motion and movement of drawing and the best part is you can draw from almost anywhere, from your lounge room to the great outdoors.


2. “I’ve always wanted to paint.”

CAE_PaintingPainting can be used as a way of entering your own world and expressing yourself through your emotions and techniques. There are many different painting materials that can be used in this art form and the best part is that it’s up to you to find what suits your creativity. Doing mindfulness-based art therapy connects the imagination and enables expression of feelings without the need of any words.


3. “I want to create something.”

jewellery tassel earringsIt can be hard to stop and embrace your creativity. Imagine gifting a piece of jewellery that you created. A piece of jewellery is a personal item that can represent you or your feelings for another person as wearable art in traditional and contemporary ways. Using your hands to be able to create something makes it special. Once you are wearing your creation, it can be used for a moment of mindfulness through the day.


4. “I’d love to refresh my home.”

Designer working with palette closeupBeing hands on and using inspiration from everything around you will bring unique results. Perhaps it’s time to make your home a place of serenity or add a spot of colour and explore your personal style. Bring your creativity to life by combining different interior design elements. Better yet, use your new skills to create a dedicated space in the home with soothing colours, soft furnishings, no background noises and connect with nature.


5. “I want to learn about meditation.”

Finding balance in retirementThere is still a misconception about what meditation is exactly. It’s becoming aware of your body, breath and posture. Meditation helps manage anxiety, stress and depression, and focusing on moment-by-moment experiences. Scientific evidence supports that pre-frontal cortex was found to be extra active when meditating.



Learn how to be in the moment. CAE has some great courses to get you started. Give Drawing: Intro, Painting: Intro, Jewellery Making, Interior Design: Introduction and Mindfulness Meditation a go.

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