Sharing a class with a loved one gives you the chance to reconnect and focus on what is important in life. Studies have shown that a proven way to strengthen relationships and grow together is to learn a new skill, spend quality time and explore common interests together. 

All families look different. There is the family that you are given and family you choose. No matter who your family is, it is important to share the love with those that matter most. CAE offers family-friendly* 1-day workshops that allow families to bond, to learn more about each other and to carve out that all important quality time away from day-to-day life.  

Family-Friendly 1-Day Workshops From CAE

For a range of Mothers, Fathers, Siblings, Mother or Father figures, Mentors, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Partners and Brothers-from-another-mother, or Sisters-from-another-mister we have workshops that are fun to share and learn. 

So do something extraordinary and create new memories together in 2022 with these 1-day workshops from CAE:  

*For ages 16+ if accompanied by parent or guardian.