You don’t need to spend a fortune on the latest camera or equipment to get a great shot. Instead, why not get the most out of the camera you already own? Professional photographer and CAE tutor, George Poulakis, shares five quick tips that can help you make the shift from simply snapping photos to consistently capturing amazing images.



Point of View

As a default, people tend to take photographs from their eye level. Instead, consider approaching your subject from a bird’s eye (above) or a worm’s eye (below) view. Don’t be afraid to vary your angle dramatically and move around your subject to determine the most interesting composition.




Whether we’re shooting people, objects or places, for some reason we love to position our subjects in the centre of the frame. This can lead to really boring compositions. A simple way to fix this is to consider asymmetrical placement. Oddly enough, positioning your subject off to one side can actually create balance in your images.



Create depth

There’s nothing worse than placing your subject right up against a background, as this produces really flat and uninteresting photos. Instead, create more dynamic images by bringing your subject away from the background.

If you are using a DSLR camera, you can also display some creative control by adjusting your aperture for different results. This will create a varying level of blur in the background to keep your subject the focus of the picture.



Keep an eye on everything

We often get so focused on the subject we’re photographing that we forget to observe everything else that’s happening in our images. At times, the perfect shot can be ruined by an out-of-place object, person, or element in the background.

So, when taking your photo, make sure you watch for any distracting elements that can ruin the composition, and if something doesn’t belong in your photo, either move it or move yourself.



The right camera

This one’s simple. The best camera is the one that’s with you. Your budget shouldn’t get in the way of creating amazing images, so whatever camera you own, get out there and start taking photos with it! Learning how to use your camera to its potential will only benefit you. Once you’re familiar with your camera, you will be able to experiment for great results.


George PoulakisGeorge is a multi-award winning Melbourne-based fine art photographer who works predominantly in self-portraiture. His work varies greatly, from the dark and brooding to the humorous and absurd. Outside of his art practice, George teaches photography, digital processing, and filmmaking at Photography Studies College, and the Centre for Adult Education. You can check out George’s upcoming Smartphone Photography and Street Photography short courses.

All images supplied by George Poulakis. To find out more about George or view more of his work, visit or Instagram @georgepoulakis_iphoneography.



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