New Year Resolutions For 2022

We all know what January means – fulfilling or breaking those well-intentioned New Year resolutions.  

Every year we set these intentions to make the year ahead more successful; this could mean enhancing a skill or gaining a new one, learning a relaxation technique to make 2022 more calming, getting your finances in order, a healthy change or connecting with others in a more meaningful way.  

CAE is here to help you achieve those resolutions.   

As the silly season calms down – We have a range of courses that can get your 2022 off on the right foot, and your New Year Resolutions off the ground with a bang! 

The Healthy Change  

The Traditional Mediterranean Diet 

Our tutor is passionate about sharing the healthy, environmentally friendly, and low-budget advantages of his Mediterranean heritage through a healthy and delicious diet. He discusses traditional foods, including legumes, olives, olive oil, bread, salads, as well as suggestions for daily meals. 

Rejuvenate with Exercise 

Enjoy a gentle exercise class in a relaxed atmosphere that will help keep joints healthy, muscles toned, and mind active. Exercises are modified to suit individual needs and abilities.  

Personal Development  

Building Your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills 

Building your self-esteem is essential for confidence and success, and it all begins with you. Of all the judgments you make in life, none are as important as the ones you make about yourself. During this workshop you will discover some simple techniques that dramatically change how you feel about yourself. You will learn how to recognise the importance of learning self-acceptance and nurturing your sense of self. 

How You Can Beat Procrastination 

It can be challenging to achieve success when life feels like an overwhelming battlefield. Procrastination feels like trying to run through wet cement. It drains us of energy and confidence. But it’s not a personality trait, it’s a learned behaviour—a defence mechanism that can be corrected and banished from our lives. Doesn’t that sound good? No more stress, no more feeling overwhelmed, no more self-created failures. It is possible to turn your life around.  

Professional Skills 

Search Engine Optimisation: The Key to Success 

Get your head around the basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

SEO affects the visibility of a website or individual web pages on Google and other search engines. It can impact the frequency of visits, ranking, and the potential to convert visitors into customers. 

Adobe InDesign: Introduction (PC) 

Learn the fundamentals of Adobe InDesign CC, developing a greater understanding of this powerful application and its abilities. Perfect for those who need to create and design documents such as advertisement flyers, brochures and magazine layouts. 

Financial Security 

Building Wealth with Real Estate 

Investing is a serious business. Delivered by a highly respected and acclaimed practitioner, this course delivers key information about the basics of investing in real estate and the issues you need to consider.  

Participants will get a clear and practical understanding of real estate investment.  

How to Setup & Run a DIY Super Fund 

Setting up a self-managed super fund (SMSF) may have a number of significant benefits that may appeal to you; especially if you have an existing super fund with a balance in excess of $500,000. You can choose your own investments, your fund can own your business premises and you can pay yourself a tax free pension when you retire. Join CPA, tax expert and author Jim Prince for an informative session. 

Get Creative 

Express Yourself Through Painting 

Gain confidence in the technical application of oil or acrylic paints.  Develop a personal art response through innovative exploration and experimentation with ideas, concepts and the painting medium. Learn new skills for achieving desired effects through realistic or abstract representation while improving your personal techniques. 

Floristry in a Day 

Learn flower-arranging using traditional techniques. This course will introduce you to flower identification, preparation and maintenance. Students will use a mixture of flowers and foliages which are widely available and used by floral designers. 

Stress Free 2022 

Declutter and Get Organised 

You can’t think straight when surrounded by chaos. Find out how to declutter what you don’t need to create space and serenity in your home, or downsize if you need to. Develop clear organising systems to find things easily as well as understanding the emotions that underpin hoarding habits. 

Mindfulness Meditation 

Learn how to quiet an overactive mind and discover how mindfulness meditation can help you fall asleep more easily, increase your concentration and reduce anxiety. 

Become more aware of your body, breath, and posture. Begin to achieve greater mental calmness as well as a more positive attitude towards yourself and others. 

Mindfulness techniques are used by students, corporate leaders, overworked parents and anyone seeking serenity, calm and enhanced performance. 

Includes short talks, instruction, discussion, group meditation and practical advice.  

Connect With Others 

Confident Conversations & Social Etiquette 

Gain the skills and confidence to make the most of social and networking opportunities. Master coach Jacquie Wise gives you easy techniques to help you converse confidently with both friends and new acquaintances and overcome social anxiety. 

Walking Tours 

It’s a Melburnian thing to get out and about regardless of the weather. And it’s why so many do take advantage of CAE’s huge range of walking tours to learn more about the world’s most liveable city. Perhaps your interest is history, cultures, arts or cuisine – who doesn’t love a foodie-themed tour or the chance to see something unique? It’s a great way to spend a few relaxing hours so make it a social event with family and friends. 

Home Improvement  

A Year in the Garden: Vegetable & Herbs 

Our tutor Mark is passionate about home-grown vegetables and herbs. He will provide simple, cost-effective and practical advice so you can plan your garden all year round. Topics include: soil preparation, planting timing, support (stakes, trellises), weeding, composting, mulching, watering, storage, companion planting and rotation.  

Interior Design: Introduction 

Create beautiful rooms for yourself and others.  

Our informative interior design classes take you through the stages of redesigning your individual living space. In this course, you will develop your own style by learning how to make informed and creative choices. 

Train Your Brain  

Latin 01 

An understanding of Latin and its literature is important for an appreciation of European culture. In this beginners’ course, students learn to read Latin and find their way into the history and culture of Ancient Rome. It covers the basics of Latin grammar and vocabulary. The emphasis is on reading Latin. 

Beginning Creative Writing 

A fun and informative creative writing course suited to people interested in writing but unsure how to get started. In a relaxed and encouraging environment, you’ll talk, workshop and complete exercises with like-minded people, gaining the confidence and ability to express yourself through words. This course has a focus on generic writing skills without focusing on any one particular genre. Those skills can then be applied to a range of styles, from poetry and short stories to personal narratives, while having lots of fun along the way. 

Get Travelling Again  

French for Travellers 

The French for Travellers program is delivered as a 12-hour course. It is designed to facilitate travellers’ interaction with native speakers and to support their needs while travelling in France. 

The course is very hands-on and conversation-based. Opportunities are constantly created for travellers to practice potential interactions with locals when they reach their destination. CAE Travellers Courses are conducted in a friendly and encouraging manner and will provide you with the language skills to further appreciate and enjoy your destination. 

Travel Photography 

Hosted by travel photography guru Glenn Guy, this is a fun and informative introduction to taking great pictures while travelling. Provides a comprehensive overview of travel photography for those with a digital camera. 

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Book Groups 

CAE Book Groups is Australia’s largest book club and has been delivering books and reading guides to your door since 1947. 

We have over a thousand titles in our catalogue, with everything from the latest prize winners and bestselling contemporary fiction, to classics, biography, memoir, travel writing and art – there’s sure to be something you want to read!