The beginning of a new decade brings the opportunity to experience something new. Since 2020 is a leap year, why not make it extra memorable by taking the plunge and learn an exciting new skill.

Whether it be preparing for a big trip, learning a new language, writing that long-awaited memoir or learn how to cook a new dish, you can gain the skills you need to satisfy yourself and impress your family and friends.

Leap into the next decade in a fresh and exciting way. They say hindsight is 20/20, but you control the path to your future!

1. Take a Trip

A trip is much needed when beginning a new year. It’s a time to rest, recharge and find your inspiration for the year ahead. Whether it’s a stay-cation or a trip abroad, start with tips from friends, family or colleagues. Be sure to capture your memorable adventures to relive the highlights of a much-loved holiday.

If you’re looking for a way to really immerse yourself in the experience, why not learn a language in preparation for your trip? Learn how to greet people and order food with ease. And there’s nothing better than conversing with the locals to find the hidden secrets of your holiday destination. Au revior!

2. Write that Long-Awaited Memoir

With the beginning of 2020 upon us, it’s natural to be unsure where to start when you’ve got a lifetime of stories to choose from. There’s plenty of inspiration around and when it can be produced from comfortable surroundings (from home or on holiday), it’s all the more reason to begin.

If you’re spending time with family, why not take the opportunity to explore more of your family history. You might be surprised by the stories your relatives have to tell. Write down what’s on your mind and see what appears. Watch your creativity come to the surface.

 3. Express Yourself with Art

Did you know how many different painting styles there are? From ink to oil, palette knife to watercolours, there are many ways to unleash your inner Picasso. Or if you don’t have the supplies for painting, why not try your hand at drawing? With the warmer weather, it’s the perfect opportunity to grab a brush or pencil and pad, set up in the shade and take inspiration from the great outdoors. If it’s too warm outside, set up a corner at home where you can create works of arts to your heart’s content and release some of your creative energy.


4. Embrace Your Inner Chef

Add flavour to 2020 by mastering life in the kitchen. Ever wanted to learn how to prepare classic favourites or make authentic pizza or pasta dishes from scratch? Now’s the time to get your cooking skills up to scratch and make some delicious dishes. Invite your friends and family around to taste your creations and share quality time together. The best way to the heart is through the stomach!


5. Find That Tune

Make 2020 the year you make your voice heard! Exploring your vocal prowess is not only fun but it’s been shown to have great health benefits. It’s great for improving your mood and is an effective stress reliever. Why not find some friends or colleagues to join you and start a choir for even more benefits?

Or if singing’s not your thing, pick up the guitar or make your fingers dance across the keys of a piano. No matter what your age, learning an instrument is a rewarding experience with the right motivation and passion.

Whether you’re pursuing a passion, planning that much awaited trip or exploring a new interest, there’s plenty to pop on your 2020 bucket list. Explore our Languages for Travellers, Life Writing, Painting & Drawing: Beginners, Palette Knife Art: Beginners, Authentic Pizza Masterclass, Singing for Beginners or Basic Guitar: Beginners short courses.

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