Whether you’re working, looking for work, volunteering or enjoying retirement, it’s almost impossible to function effectively in today’s world without some Information Technology skills.

Mentoring in the Digital AgeComputers mentoring

Perhaps you’re acting as mentor to a new worker or you’re the one being mentored – you may have very different knowledge to share with one another. Specialist skills these days usually need some kind of IT connection, whether you’re a customer, supplier or producer. None of us is an island. To interact across generations and cultures, we need all the communication tools at our disposal to help impart and exchange knowledge.


Volunteers computersDigital Connectivity in Volunteering

Being organised and informed using digital technology isn’t limited to the paid workforce – many volunteering roles in the community require a similar level of skill. Whether it’s using common applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, or incorporating remote access services via Zoom or MS Teams – not to mention smart phone usage – we all need to keep up to date with our IT skills.


Computers mature woman 1Age is No Barrier

Whatever stage of life we are, we are always presented with learning challenges. Digital competency is just one more. And anyone can learn. Start small and develop your skills at a learning pace that suits you. As you grow in confidence, you will wonder what’s been holding you back. It’s not hard at all, just a matter of practice.


Working From HomeWorking or Socialising from Home

If recent lockdowns have taught us anything, they’ve shown how resilient we can be and how creative. For many people, online meetings have been a life-saver, enabling us to work and play, to socialise and to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues. And the same basic IT skills are all we need to participate.

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