Soft skills are personal attributes or abilities that you can take with you throughout your career. You may already be experienced at one or more of these, but it’s worth taking the time to work on these to improve your employability.

Here are some must-have soft skills.

Article_Soft skills_communication1. Communication

We all communicate in everyday life, but verbal and written communication are vital skills in the workplace. You will use these skills to different extents in your career. Public speaking is something a lot of people are hesitant about, but it is essential when speaking to a small or large group. Even if you are a confident public speaker, maybe you need to learn to speak more assertively. Or maybe you want to learn how to write clear emails to get your point across in a succinct and clear way. Learning to speak or write persuasively are valuable tools.


Article_Soft skills_time management2. Flexibility and time management

Time management is not something we always think about it, but it’s something employers are always looking for in employees. It helps to be flexible with your time and adaptable to changing situations. Being able to juggle multiple responsibilities with limited time and meet deadlines makes you a valuable employee.


Article_Soft skills_teamwork3. Teamwork

Learning how to work as part of an effective team is essential for any workplace. Knowing that you can get along and work collaboratively with others is key to any job. Highlight projects that you have worked on as a team and how you contribute and value the contributions of others. Think of all the group projects as part of your study or community involvement and how you helped to work towards a common goal.


Article_Soft skills_critical thinking4. Critical thinking and problem solving

This is a hard one to learn and it’s probably something you already do. Think about the problems that you face every day and how you solve them. Every job and industry involves solving problems.  As you become more experienced, you can become more creative with solving problems and this will open up the types of roles you can work in.


Article_Soft skills_leadership5. Leadership

There is more to leadership than management or having staff report to you, and often people are leaders outside of work too. Perhaps you’re a coach or captain in a sporting club or involved in a community or volunteer programs. The skills you develop in these activities can improve your confidence while benefiting your employment opportunities.


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