Do you love being creative, but are not sure what to work on next? Or do you want to try something new? Check out our interesting ideas for craft projects.

Craft Project Article_Wearable ArtCreate Wearable Art

If you love wearing jewellery, why not make your own? You can make personalised items for yourself, fantastic gifts for friends and family, or unique items to sell online. Design and make your own brooches, pendants, rings and more.


Craft Project Article_ThreadingGet Threading

Sewing is an extremely versatile and useful skill. Perhaps you dabbled in sewing during lockdown to make a few masks but would like to take it further? You can start by learning how to mend your clothes, jazz up your outfits and then progress to making your own clothes! Check out our tips for creating your own fashionable clothing here. Or try your hand with different fabrics to make cushions or wall hangings for your home.


Craft Project Article_Paper LinocutsPaper Crafts and Linocuts

A piece of paper has so much potential! Take a blank page and create something unique. Make your own personalised letters or greeting cards by learning traditional and contemporary calligraphy techniques. Or explore the diverse world of printmaking and linocuts.


Craft Project Article_Recycled materialsMake Art from Recycled Materials

You don’t need fancy materials to make unique pieces of art – you can use what’s around you! Turn a forgotten item into something new and exciting, or check out materials you might normally throw out and give them a new lease on life. Turn old clothes into a bag or use everyday items to make a work of art – the possibilities are endless!


Get crafty with Jewellery Making, Sewing: Beginners, Pattern Making from an Existing Garment, Calligraphy: Beginners, Linocuts: Hand Colouring and Upcycle Art.

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