The weather is unpredictable this time of year. It’s too hot or it’s raining and we just can’t get outside to have some fun. So why not take the plunge and start a new art or craft project around the house? Here’s a couple of ideas to get the inspiration vibes moving!

1. Refresh Your Home

Christmas Table_200x200It’s all about those subtle touches that can refresh a room in an instant. How about channelling your inner interior designer to personalise your home décor, mix it up or go green. The possibilities are endless with different textures and layers when you take the leap into changing your home style from vintage to modern.

No need to bypass your preferences and bend at the whim of a professional, this is all about creating your style, your way. Maybe that green shag rug belongs in your living room.


2. Experiment with Different Textiles

Sewing_banner-300x300Create interesting and individual designs to turn heads. Delve into your personal couture and experiment with different fabrics, patterns and techniques. Maybe it’s time to bring some colour to your living room!

Produce your own wall hangings and rugs to decorate your home, or put your sewing machine to work and make your own cushions for the couch.


3. A Splash of Colour

CAE_PaintingDust off those paintbrushes, pop on an art smock, and express all your desires.

Is it on canvas, paper or even your lounge room wall that you will be creating the artwork? Once this has been decided, your art style can be explored – abstract, watercolour or even paint, the choices are endless. Let your imagination run wild.

While you’re on your quest for inspiration, don’t be afraid to experiment with colours, different tones, shades and tints. Who knows what masterpiece you’ll create to place on the wall? Voila!


4. Get Hands On

Ceramics_200x200Try something completely different. How about basket weaving? The baskets can be used to give your home that unique feeling or gift to friends for that personal touch.

Don’t mind getting your hands dirty? Think about sculpture basics with clay modelling and creating a plaster bust. Nothing more personal than your own artistic sculpture inspired by someone you know.


5. That’s Amore!

CAE_GnocchiIf art isn’t your thing, fill your home with the sweet aroma of food. Don’t be afraid to become familiar around your kitchen. Creating delicious dishes including authentic pizza, gnocchi, chicken cacciatore and tiramisu, yum!

Simplicity and minimal fuss more your style? Learn how to whip up real 15 minute meals with minimal time and ingredients to make life less stressful. Perfect for those that live life on the go.


Looking to start your next art adventure at home? Centre for Adult Education (CAE) has some great courses to get your started. Why not try Interior Design, Sewing: Beginners, Painting: Intro , Coiled Basket Weaving, Sculpting a Bust or Classic Italian: Hands on Cooking for Beginners.

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