On Tuesday, 24 October, CAE will celebrate 70 years as part of Victoria’s fabric, nurturing lifelong learning as community educators. To mark this occasion, we are hosting a fun event in Federation Square with workshops, demonstrations, smartphone photography walking tours, food tastings, pre-loved Book Group titles give-away (gold coin donation for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and the Stella Schools Program), and lots of entertainment. All are welcome to attend.

CAE is a leading provider of adult and community education in Victoria with a strong focus on delivering nationally recognised and accredited training as well as non-accredited programs and short courses. We connect with the community through our socially inclusive practices and recognise diversity and creativity.

The Victorian Government provides funds for specialised programs at the CAE via the Adult, Community and Education (ACFE) Board, a statutory authority formed under the Education and Training Reform Act for the delivery of programs for people over compulsory school age, young people, older people, people with special needs, and people from diverse cultural backgrounds, with a special focus on people who have had limited access to education.

CAE CEO, Norman Gray said, “In 2016, CAE delivered quality education and lifestyle programs to over 12,000 students. This included the delivery of more than 500 short courses to close to 4,500 students and language courses to nearly 2,000 students.”

Short courses offered by CAE have changed over the years. In 1947, activities included travelling theatre, drama, dance, music, art exhibits, book groups and a range of other courses and classes.

The original syllabus included courses on art appreciation, gymnastics, English for everyday use, the new and old testaments, preparation for marriage, music and how to listen to it, makers of modern morals, psychology of the normal family, television, and the changing face of Europe.

Today, the CAE offers a range of programs and services with a strong focus in arts, languages, adult education including VCE, and book groups. Our most popular short courses include Bone Boosters, Running a Bed and Breakfast, Digital SLR Photography, and Beginning Creative Writing. The most popular languages are Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and French.

About CAE

In 1946, the Victorian State Government passed the Adult Education Act and in 1947, the Council of Adult Education was formed as an integral part of the State education system, receiving £25,000 a year. Part of its establishment was to help fill the educational gap experienced by soldiers who served during World War II.

In 2001, the Council of Adult Education was renamed the Centre for Adult Education.

In 2003, it became evident that the names ‘Council’ and ‘Adult’ were not a true reflection of the organisation, which included young people and adults, and the organisation became officially known as CAE.

In 2012, an amendment to the Education and Training Reform Act enabled CAE operations to be governed by the Box Hill Institute Board.

While Box Hill Institute and CAE continue to operate as separate legal entities under legislation, the Box Hill Institute Board also acts as the CAE Board.