April has arrived, bringing autumn inspiration. Time to get started on those new skills and long-deferred projects.

M3532 CAE SC EDM April 7th Images_FA_1Painting & Drawing

Pick up your neglected paints or pencils, find an old shirt to use as an art smock and add colour to your palette outdoors. Set up in your backyard or head to your local park and sketch away. Capture landscape with your garden, colours of autumn leaves, your pet playing or the local birdlife.


M3532 CAE SC EDM April 7th Images_FA_2Outdoor Crafts

While the warm days linger, you can also get crafty outdoors. While it may not be practical to move everything outside, some messier crafts are ideal or you could try designing unique jewellery from materials at home to create personalised fashion accessories.


M3532 CAE SC EDM April 7th Images_FA_3Home & Garden

Now’s the time to spruce up your home for the seasonal change. Add some pot plants or check out what’s good to plant now for your own veggie garden. If you’re not ready to plant yet, you can plan a space for future planting. Decorate an outdoor area or a sunny room, or if you don’t have an outdoor space to work with, bring the appeal of autumn indoors! If you’re looking for more seasonal decorating tips check out our ideas here.


M3532 CAE SC EDM April 7th Images_FA_4Photography on the Move

Get out and about with your camera or smartphone in autumn and explore some of Melbourne’s colourful streets. Learn something new about the city and take some awesome images at the same time! When you have a collection of photos, you could put your photos together in a customised photobook to share with friends and family.


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