You may be at home for a while and getting a little tired of it, but there’s still plenty you can do around the house. Try something new to keep your inspiration flowing.

Here are a few ideas for activities you can do to make the most of your time at home.

Decluttering1. Declutter

Decluttering sometimes gets put on the ‘later’ pile, but it can improve your wellbeing and life. Particularly if you’re working from home or learning online, you want to make sure your space is as clear as possible so you can focus. Create some space where you can work and think. Recycle what you can or put things aside to give to others when the time comes. Don’t forget about digital decluttering – see our tips here.

Refresh and redecorate2. Refresh and redecorate

You may not be able to travel, but why not try a change of scenery inside your home? This doesn’t have to involve drastic shuffling or buying a whole lot of new household items. Try putting up some new pictures or photos, move some furniture, add some décor. Take out some objects in storage and put them around your house. Colour-code your bookshelf for something different. Check out our ideas for seasonal redecorating.

upcycle3. Start an art project

If you don’t have art materials on hand, why not see what you can make with everyday goods? Objects that you would normally recycle or throw away can be transformed into works of art. Try your hand at upcycle art or making jewellery out of simple objects, or pull out those neglected pencils to sketch away on canvas or in your notebook. Remember the simple act of creating can be surprisingly therapeutic. Once you’ve finished you can put your masterpiece on display!

Gardening4. Check out the garden

Has your garden been somewhat neglected? Make the time to go outside and smell the roses or whatever happens to be growing! You don’t have to do a complete makeover – start small by weeding a small area or plant something new. Or plan a seasonal veggie garden so you can grow your own fresh produce. You don’t have to be a gardening expert overnight! If you can’t do it all now, think about what you might plant in future.


If you’re looking for some more inspiration, try our online courses Declutter and Downsize: Take Control of Your Home, Drawing: Intro, Upcycle It! Art or A Year in the Garden: Vegetables and Herbs.

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