Course Summary

Learn practical steps to writing a picture book with author and illustrator Sue deGennaro. Consider the concept, story, characters, structure, audience, language, and pictures. Picture books have become an art form where story telling is an integration of the text and the pictures. They appeal to all ages and range from the very simple to sophisticated and complex works of art. Covers all aspects of writing a children’s picture book. Explore concept, story, character, structure, audience, language and pictures and discover what publishers are looking for.

Course Sessions

Saturday, 23rd October - 3 classes

Session ID HAE66103C
23 Oct - 6 Nov 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location CAE
Session Fees
$375 / $356 (conc)
Sue Degennaro

Saturday, 29th January - 3 classes

Session ID HAE66101C
29 Jan - 12 Feb 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$375 / $356 (conc)
Sue Degennaro

Fun, inspirational activities and techniques designed to get the writerly brain cells firing.

Writing Children's Picture books

During this class you will cover the following content:

Identify your audience. 0 – teenage?

Focus on your theme.
– What point are you making?
– Is it of interest to your audience?
– Consider the proposed format of your finished work.
– How many pages and words does it have?
– How are the text and pictures related?

Develop your plot with attention to the turning pages.

Develop your characters with a limited number of words.
– What do they want?
– How do they relate to each other?

Develop your writing style with reference to concepts and language accessible to your audience.
– Is the book to be read aloud to children?
– Is it a read alone book?

Work with a supportive group of sympathetic new writers.

The class will involve workshop writing, discussion and development of individual projects, and the sharing of information about the children’s book industry. You can expect to complete the text for one picture book.

Bring note-taking materials. Bring a favourite picture book that has been published in the last 10 years (not a media tie-in like “The Lion King”).

Those who wish to write picture books for children.

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