Course Summary

Anna Kortschak celebrates the lives and achievements of a fascinating collection of intrepid women adventurers – past and present – who have explored the world to its very limits. Isabelle Eberhardt, Gertrude Bell, Lady Hester Stanhope, Emily Carr, Freya Stark, Alexandra David-Neel: these 19th and early 20th Century women’s exploits as travellers, explorers, mountaineers, writers, artists, linguists and seekers are thrilling – and way too often forgotten.

And today’s crop of women adventurers are just as exciting!

About Anna Kortschak

Rapidly fast-forwarding through a bachelor degree in visual arts acquired in her youth, Anna decided at a significantly more advanced age than is usual to become an acrobat. She spent the next seven years swinging on a trapeze, balancing precariously, and viewing the world from odd angles.

In between performances and training Anna developed art and media projects for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in youth centres, community art centres, schools, juvenile detention centres and prisons in Sydney – and this also taught her a few different ways to look at the world.

Course Sessions

Wednesday, 3rd April - 1 class

Session ID DNAS9201C
3 Apr - 3 Apr 10:30am - 12:30pm
Location CAE
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$85 / $81 (conc)
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